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A-Z of Mental Health: O is for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder | The Gryphon

If I had a pound for each time I heard the term ‘OCD’ used out of context, I’d be a rich woman. Amongst friends, family and even through the media, I’ve heard phrases such as: “Oh I’m so OCD, I always need to fluff my pillows before guests arrive”; “I’m sorry the house isn’t immaculate – I’m just not OCD you see” and “Oh I always need to ensure my DVDs are in alphabetical order, I’m just dead OCD me”. No, no and absolutely not.
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Mental Health A-Z: T is for Top telly to watch when you’re depressed | The Gryphon

As I’m curled up on the sofa in the clutches of depression once more, in the onesie that I haven’t got out of for three days (yes, onesies are back – spread the word (did they ever leave?!)), I got to thinking what else I would do when I felt so terrible other than become a statue in front of the television. The conclusion is nothing. I would do nothing else but watch TV all day because telly is the best.
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Why Brexit would be detrimental for mental health care

With the likes of Farage, Gove and Johnson using scaremongering tactics to instil fear into British citizens, coupled with cries for us to make our “own laws” in a bid to preserve British sovereignty, it is easy for us to forget the many areas where shared decision-making at the EU level has a very positive impact on the quality of our lives. Let’s assess one of the areas of healthcare which has attracted unprecedented media attention over the recent years: mental health care.
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Confessions of a Christmas Grinch: why I hate the holidays | The Gryphon

Right don’t judge me, just hear me out… By the time Christmas comes around I’m already in a foul mood due to having my birthday two weeks prior (yes, I hate my birthday too), and I’m absolutely dreading the ultimate anti-climax of all – New Year’s Eve. Like, who even wants to go to a club that will be overcrowded and overpriced? In the middle of these two monstrosities is Christmas.
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MENTAL HEALTH A-Z: D is for Dermatillomania | The Gryphon

The word Dermatillomania derives from the Latin language; Derma meaning ‘skin’, tillo meaning ‘to pull’, and mania meaning ‘madness’ or, well, ‘mania’. Also known as Compulsive Skin Picking Disorder, this disorder comes under the Body Focussed Repetitive Behaviour (BFRB) category of mental health disorders. It adopts the same ‘anxiety cycle’ as OCD and other Anxiety Disorders. For this particular disorder, the anxiety in your body manifests itself by pulling or picking at your skin.
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MENTAL HEALTH A-Z: B is for Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Do you know what you look like? I don’t, and I never have. I have an idea of course, but then it’s hard to distinguish which parts of my body image are factual, and which have been created by my Witch. That’s what I call the Body Dysmorphic voice in my head, because my god is she a nasty piece of work! She says the most evil and cruel things to me, and the most annoying part is that she has said these things to me so many times, and for so long, that I have been believing them for years now.
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#WMHD15: Holding on to your dignity whilst enduring a mental illness

It’s the lead-up to World Mental Health Day 2015, which is taking place this Saturday on the 10th October. Each year, the day itself and the week leading up to it will focus on a different theme surrounding mental health issues, in a bid to raise public awareness. This year the emphasis is on ‘Dignity in mental health’, and this theme struck a chord with me as I have often felt as though my dignity has been robbed from me by my mental illnesses.
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